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If our mission resonates, and our work feels in alignment, consider helping fund our programs and initiatives! Your offer of financial abundance will help us build the foundation to co-create a healing community space! 

We are so excited to begin this new journey and grow our mission! Our goal is to empower intimate community connection and support and offer health and education services for the next generation. We have 5 pillars that fuel our mission and are the root to our offerings: 

  • Natural Movement 

  • Spiritual Connection

  • Holistic Education

  • Synergistic Environment 

  • Bio-Dynamic Lifestyle 

If our pillars spark greater curiosity, and you would like to know more about our quantum strategy and master longevity focused design plan, please book an info call with Cait, through reaching out to


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Help us co-create change in our community!


Thank you for your donation!

Today, as we move into the second-year building community, we are officially a 501c3 non-profit called Conscious Evolution of Community (CEOC) with Conscious Nona as our first prototype community model. Our core mission is to activate awareness to connect and create regenerative conscious communities. We host community driven events & initiatives and offer education to empower conscious choice. Through becoming conscious of more holistic ways to educate, learn and live, we can expand our awareness to co-create solutions for our modern-day problems (ex. loneliness, stress, anxiety).

We want to raise the standards of what a regenerative community model can look like, and help teach others how to do the same. Our coherent blueprint has the capacity to help communities around the world rewire connection to thyself, others and nature.


CEOC is a support system for personal and collective transformation, and we desire your help! Our end of the year goal is to fundraise to help support Conscious Nona, CEOC’s first prototype model, to offer these conscious curriculum community programs below: 


  • Start a community garden & food sharing system 

  • Offer monthly mentorship for men, women, mothers, teens & children 

  • Run small group workshops focused on holistic living & empowerment education 

  • Create retreats focused on reducing stress & anxiety 


Your financial support at this time is paramount for the growth of our work. One of our main goals in the upcoming year is to establish a permanent location for our community to gather and grow.


Please consider exploring our website and making a donation to support our work. If you have any questions or would like more information on the depth of this project, please don’t hesitate to schedule a call! More information about our community plans and initiatives can be found under our offerings page on this website. 


Thank you for your support, belief, love and stewardship! 

We are forever grateful you have aligned with our mission!

It's time to take this quantum leap together in community! 


Conscious Evolution of Community Inc.

11954 Narcoossee Rd. STE2-129

Orlando, FL 32832

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