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Change Begins with US

Conscious Nona is dedicated to sharing and supporting grassroots initiatives without our community. As we undergo a global mass paradigm shift, it is important to begin to evolve our awareness to focus on our IMPACT. How we are participating in our own existence matters. Now is the time to fully move to value based, sustainable models for creation, infrastructure, business, development and maintenance of all that we do. From what we choose to spray on our grass, to reducing plastic use, to teaching new ways of living in harmony with MOTHER EARTH. When we align our actions in union with one another, anything is possible. 

Here are some of our start up initiatives for 2024:

  • Organic market bag with local produce

  • Consciousness in schools and workplaces 

  • Support the development of a zero waste Farmers Market

  • Community compost options and education

  • Pesticide and toxin awareness 

  • Elimination of plastic bags in Lake Nona

  • The herb garden movement  

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