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Our mission is to foster regenerative communities through creating educational environments, designed to facilitate deep connections with oneself, others, and nature. Our primary goal is to activate individual and collective awareness, enabling conscious healthy choices, to help heal, transform and regenerate humanity into a place of holistic existence.


 Our vision is to create a world where communities evolve into learning sanctuaries, for the nurturing and expansion of conscious and purposeful living.



We are a spiritually inclusive community non-profit empowering proactive holistic participation to create a more connected, conscious future. We gather with purpose and intention to deepen our relationship with ourselves, one another, and Mother Earth. We can normalize a more conscious approach to living, seeing, and believing by offering educational events, community-led initiatives, holistic mentorship, and spaces for rest, renewal, and rediscovery. 


The Future is Frequency 


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What Community is Saying..

Sarah, Lake Nona

It's been an empowering journey watching community of all ages come together to experience listen, participate and digest a more evolved approach to life. I have attended multiple workshops and discussions and can't share enough how impactful they have been on me. I can't wait to see how the mission and vision will continue to grow. 

I've been waiting for something like this for a very long time, and it's been so good to gather intentionally with like minds. I get excited when I think about actively participating to create a brighter future together! Conscious Nona and Community Collectives on a global scale is KEY to bridging a gap in how we make a smooth shift.

I am very passionate about becoming more conscious in all areas of my life- and I can't believe I have found my people! Loving all of the events, content and ideas so far. It is very clear that what has been normalized is no longer working.  Empowering community to come together to bring change and enlightenment is brilliant and necessary. 

Victoria, Lake Nona, 

Michael, Lake Nona

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