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Meet Our Local Advisory Board Leaders

Our conscious community leaders aim to grow energetic awareness of their intentions, initiatives and impact. Observing the world through a lens of unified vibrations, we can begin to understand our existence with greater depth and evolve our people to a higher frequency of being. We are evolving culture consciously with the power of community.  

 We consciously choose to EVOLVE.... 




Awareness of....

Yourself, Others & Environment

Patterns, Inner Story, Self Talk, Relationships, Eating Habits, Subconscious Beliefs, Unprocessed Emotions, Vibration & Frequency 

Alignment of....

Your Pure Truth 

Value Based Living, Intentional Thought, Conscious Action, Community Focused, Compassion Driven, Soul's deepest knowing and desires. 

Activation of...

New ways of existing

Seeing clearly, heightened intuition, personal breakthroughs, deeper presence, greater sense of self, emotional & spiritual intelligence,  creation of new reality, quantum living. 

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