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Conscious Nona is a local Lake Nona 501(c)3 Non-Profit mission powered by Conscious Evolution of Community Inc. We have plans to build regenerative community space to help holistically shift our patterns of participation. Our intention is to create a quantum coherent blueprint to help fellow communities rewire connection. Through offering educational events, community lead initiatives, holistic mentorship, and spaces for rest, renewal, and rediscovery, we can normalize a more conscious approach to living, seeing and believing.  

Intentional COmmunity

Inspiring a deeper level of intention and connection to create a coherent community of heart centered beings that live with intention, purpose and passion.


Longevity FOCUSED

Live long & well together. A community dedicated to helping you cultivate a  

relationship with your infinite human potential and discover what you need to live a long and fruitful life.

Spiritual Empowerment

Spiritual integration is HERE. Sacred spaces, meditation & prayer, ceremonies, and rituals are held to expand your conscious awareness and dive deep into the union of who you really are.


the Future

We have the capacity to create the world we desire and actively participate in igniting a global shift in consciousness. When we align as one, peace on earth is possible.

"We are building a conscious infrastructure for the future of local communities. We are raising the bar to Quantum Standards and redesigning the spaces we choose to collectively co-exist in"

Cait Rainey, Founder of Conscious Nona 

Supporting Conscious Leadership 

We've spent the last year gathering community and aligning forces with heart centered leaders, who have a passion for collective transformation. Together, we are building bridges to reconnect community with regenerative core values. Through becoming conscious of more holistic ways to understand, learn and live, we can expand our awareness to co-create solutions for modern day problems. 


We Create Longevity Together 

The paradigm is shifting quickly and the awakening of an energetic currency is happening on a global scale. We are seeking to consciously participate in our own evolution. Learning, healing, expanding and evolving humanity to a more aware, aligned and activated existence. Together. In Unity. 

Consider offering a financial investment to support our mission






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What Community is Saying..

Sarah, Lake Nona

It's been an empowering journey watching community of all ages come together to experience listen, participate and digest a more evolved approach to life. I have attended multiple workshops and discussions and can't share enough how impactful they have been on me. I can't wait to see how the mission and vision will continue to grow. 

I've been waiting for something like this for a very long time, and it's been so good to gather intentionally with like minds. I get excited when I think about actively participating to create a brighter future together! Conscious Nona and Community Collectives on a global scale is KEY to bridging a gap in how we make a smooth shift.

I am very passionate about becoming more conscious in all areas of my life- and I can't believe I have found my people! Loving all of the events, content and ideas so far. It is very clear that what has been normalized is no longer working.  Empowering community to come together to bring change and enlightenment is brilliant and necessary. 

Victoria, Lake Nona, 

Michael, Lake Nona

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